Download the IAC CT Standards

The IAC Standards and Guidelines for CT Accreditation are available below for download as a PDF. These accreditation Standards and Guidelines are the minimum standards for accreditation of CT facilities. Standards are the minimum requirements to which an accredited facility is held accountable. Guidelines are descriptions, examples, or recommendations that elaborate on the Standards. Guidelines are not required, but can assist with interpretation of the Standards. Standards are printed in regular typeface in outline form. Guidelines are printed in italic typeface in narrative form.

Content changes made to the Standards are highlighted in the new version available on the website as well as in the current version of the Online Accreditation application.

Standards that are highlighted are content changes that were made as part of the August 3, 2015 revision. These Standards became effective on August 3, 2015. Please note: Changes made within Part 3: Quality Improvement, became effective on February 3, 2016.

Download: The IAC Standards and Guidelines for CT Accreditation»

Dental Practices: For any dental CT practice using a cone beam CT system, accreditation may be obtained through the IAC Dental CT program at

Printing Instructions

All revisions made since the prior release appear as highlighted text. Please note: You have the option in Adobe Reader to print this PDF either with or without the highlighting. [In the Print box, locate the drop menu under Comments and Forms; select 'Document' to hide highlights or 'Document and Markup' to include highlights.]

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