Payment Policies - IAC Echocardiography (formerly ICAEL)

To date, the IAC is aware that the following insurers have adopted echocardiography reimbursement directives, and provides this information as a service to the echocardiography community. These policies are changed and updated regularly by the insurance carriers and list requirements as related to IAC accreditation only. Therefore, the IAC recommends that applicant facilities contact the insurance carriers in their area for the most accurate and current information to ensure compliance with reimbursement requirements at all times. Further questions about IAC accreditation as related to reimbursement may be directed to the IAC via e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: The policy details within this document detailing accreditation requirements are only a portion of the full reimbursement directive, please search for the full policy but using the links provided within the documents.

The following PDFs contain payment policy information specific to echocardiography and are split into two major groups: Medicare Payment Policies and Private, Third-Party Insurer Payment Policies. Click on one of the options below to view the policies as a PDF or save the file to your computer:

Download: CMS Payment Policies Only (By State) - Echocardiography »

Download: Third-Party Insurer Payment Policies »

CMS Resources

  • Medicare Coverage Database: The Medicare Coverage Database (MCD) contains all National Coverage Determinations (NCDs) and Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs), local articles, and proposed NCD decisions. Any details regarding accreditation requirements can be found by searching in this database for documents applicable to your testing area.
  • Provider Compliance Group Interactive Map: The Provider Compliance Group Interactive Map allows you to access state-specific CMS contractor contact information.
  • AB Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) – By State: This document lists the AB MAC contractors by state. Updated 5-2016

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