IAC Announces New Chief Executive Officer

FEBRUARY 29, 2016 | The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) announces that their Board of Directors has appointed Mary Lally, MS, CAE, as Chief Executive Officer. IAC 25th LogoAs CEO, Ms. Lally succeeds Sandra Katanick, retiring as IAC’s founding CEO since 1991.

“We are pleased to announce this appointment,” said Raymond Stainback, MD, FACC, FASE. IAC Chairperson. “Mary will bring leadership and clinical expertise to this important role. Having served the IAC for more than eight years, she has demonstrated her skills through programmatic and leadership development. She brings a wealth of perspective and experience.”

Bringing to the position a unique combined background of clinical expertise and association management experience, Ms. Lally possesses both a Master’s degree in Radiation Health Physics as well as the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential.

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IAC Releases Cardiac Electrophysiology Accreditation Program - Facilities Can Now Access the Published Standards and Submit Applications

FEBRUARY 2016 | The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) announces the release of its Cardiac Electrophysiology accreditation program. Facilities now have the ability to access the published IAC Standards and Guidelines for Cardiac Electrophysiology Accreditation and submit applications for accreditation.

Demonstrated by the support of sponsoring organizations – American College of Cardiology (ACC)Heart Rhythm Society (HRS)Pediatric & Congenital Electrophysiology Society (PACES) and Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals (SICP) – IAC Cardiac Electrophysiology is designed to accredit facilities that perform cardiac electrophysiology procedures by ensuring that the facility meets quality benchmarks based on published clinical guidelines, best practices and outcomes.

IAC Cardiac Electrophysiology accreditation is offered in the following areas:

  • Testing and Ablation
  • Device Implantation (Facilities may apply for accreditation in Device Implantation only.)
  • Chronic Lead Extraction (This option is only available, in addition to Device Implantation, when also applying for Testing and Ablation.)

Cardiac Electrophysiology Standards Now Available

In releasing a new program for cardiac electrophysiology accreditation, the IAC continues its commitment to quality by offering a program that balances the changing needs of both the cardiac electrophysiology community and the general public by influencing the quality of patient care provided. The IAC Standards and Guidelines for Cardiac Electrophysiology Accreditation are the most important component. Serving as the basis for the accreditation program, the Standards are an extensive document defining the minimal requirements for cardiac electrophysiology facilities to provide quality care. The Standards are used by facilities as both a guideline and the foundation to create and achieve realistic quality care goals.

View and/or download a PDF of the IAC Standards and Guidelines for Cardiac Electrophysiology Accreditation on the IAC Cardiac Electrophysiology website at

Application Submissions through Online Accreditation

Cardiac electrophysiology facilities now have access to IAC Online Accreditation for use in preparing and submitting their applications. IAC’s user-friendly, secure online application offers participating facilities the ability for multiple users to conveniently access their application data to complete and submit for review by the IAC.

To learn more about how to get started or create an online account, please visit

Interested facilities are encouraged to contact the IAC for assistance with setting up their online account or for guidance in working through the application. Please contact IAC staff at 800-838-2110 or e-mail

About the Program

The IAC also offers multi-modality accreditation through its programs dedicated to Vascular Testing, Echocardiography, Nuclear/PET, MRI, CT, Dental CT, Carotid Stenting and Vein Center. Learn more about all of our programs at

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