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Accreditation Decisions


Facilities found to be in substantial compliance with the IAC Standards are granted accreditation for a period of three years. A notification letter, accompanied by an accreditation portfolio containing the official certificate(s) bearing the name and area(s) of testing granted along with the tools to assist the facility in promoting the achievement including access to download the Seal of Accreditation, are sent to a newly accredited facility. The notification letter describes the contents of the accreditation portfolio, explains proper usage of the Seal of Accreditation, lists staff contact information and advises the facility of its responsibility to notify the IAC of changes in facility operation that take place during the accreditation period.


A facility whose accreditation is delayed will receive a notification letter outlining the deficiencies identified during the application review and/or site visit/audit and the additional information requested by the Board needed to grant accreditation.
Upon receiving a delayed accreditation decision, the facility will:

  • have one year to provide the additionally requested documentation demonstrating adherence to the Standards as outlined in the accreditation notification letter; 
  • be assessed a review fee (as listed in the Accreditation Agreement) for each submission of additional material;
  • have a maximum of three delay material submissions to demonstrate compliance;

The additional material is reviewed within four weeks after receipt by the IAC. Facilities are then notified of the findings of the delay material review.

  • If continued noncompliance is documented after review of the three submissions, the application will be denied and the facility will be required to resubmit a complete accreditation application and application fees.
  • If granted accreditation, the accreditation portfolio is sent
  • Facilities can be granted accreditation in some testing areas while delayed in others. A detailed notification letter will include certificate(s) for those areas granted accreditation and details regarding the delay of any other section(s).


The Board of Directors may determine that a site visit is required in order to better assess the facility and determine the final accreditation decision. The site visit notification letter informs the facility that a site visit is necessary and provides instructions for arranging the visit. Read more about site visits»


No application for accreditation is ever initially denied; facilities would first receive a notification of a delay or a site visit. A notification of denial may be sent if a facility fails three times to demonstrate substantial compliance to the Standards.

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