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Accreditation Evolved: A Streamlined Path to Higher Performance

The leader in imaging (Vascular Testing, Echocardiography, Nuclear/PET, MRI and/or CT/Dental) and carotid stenting accreditation, the IAC is leading the way to a more technologically advanced, more rewarding, more streamlined, less time consuming application process! To view a video about our new streamlined process, visit our YouTube page»

The IAC now offers participating facilities the following enhancements to its accreditation programs: evolved

  • Enhanced services and programs for a better accreditation experience.
  • A 60-day comment period for all new Standards, giving you a voice in the accreditation process.
  • Live chat - where online help from a trained IAC staff member is now just a click away. 
  • The ability to download the IAC Seal of Accreditation and your personalized press release from the secure online portal.
  • A simple checklist of things your facility must have for accreditation, in a convenient online format.
  • Concise, consistently formatted Standards across all modalities, updated only to reflect advances in imaging that impact patient care. 
  • Enhanced technology to streamline your application process.

Learn more about how to get started today»


  • Spotlighting facilities who are taking high-quality patient care to the next level.
  • More tools and resources to educate patients in your facility.
  • Mobile-optimized website.
  • Quick polls and surveys to our participating facilities, continuing to give you a voice in the accreditation process.


Streamlined – We continuously strive to make the accreditation process better. From the effective use of technology to clear standards and requirements, we simplify the process and make it less time-consuming so you can experience all of the benefits of IAC accreditation efficiently.

Rewarding – Earning IAC accreditation is rewarding in many ways. Our clients learn how to run a more effective, efficient facility that delivers superior patient care. We make sure accredited facilities are recognized for their accomplishment by physicians, patients, payers and the imaging community.

Leading – We help facilities raise the bar with our extensive expertise and depth of knowledge. Our comprehensive, evidence- and practice-based standards represent current best approaches to imaging. Following them ensures that any facility can achieve a higher level of quality performance.

Inclusive – Our inclusive, collaborative approach and the wide range of specialties we serve make us the most broad-based accrediting body in the industry. Our standards and processes are grounded in the voice of our clients and experts from all imaging constituencies.

IAC is accreditation evolved.

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