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ASNC, IAC and SNMMI Call for Field to Focus on Radiation Dose Optimization in Nuclear Cardiology

NOVEMBER 2016 | Working in concert, the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC), the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC)’s Nuclear/PET accreditation division and the Society of Nuclear Medicine in Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) are mandating optimized radiation doses in conjunction with the nuclear cardiology studies Joint Logo SNMMI ASNC (i.e., myocardial perfusion imaging) performed throughout the United States and beyond.

These efforts come in response to recently published research1,2 demonstrating that adherence to clinical nuclear imaging guidelines for reduced patient radiation exposure is variably implemented, resulting in administration of higher doses than necessary for some patients undergoing myocardial perfusion studies.

In February 2016, ASNC published guidelines for myocardial perfusion SPECT imaging, ASNC Imaging Guidelines for SPECT Nuclear Cardiology Procedures: Stress Protocols and Tracers, which include a chart entitled “Current SPECT Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Protocols: Recommended Radiopharmaceutical Activities and Their Corresponding Radiation Effective Doses.” These recommendations provide guidance for practitioners and are based on ASNC’s guiding principle of performing the most appropriate study that provides the highest quality data to aid in medical decision-making and minimizes risks to patients. Dose reduction strategies based on weight-based radiotracer dosing, thoughtful selection of radiotracer, stress-only imaging when appropriate, software innovations, state-of-the-art SPECT systems and utilization of PET for myocardial perfusion imaging are all methods supported by ASNC to achieve quality cardiac imaging at the lowest radiation exposure.

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Rosemary Gibson Inspires More Than 1,200 Medical Imaging Professionals to Reflect on Their Ability to Impact Patient Safety

OCTOBER 2016 | On October 19th, nationally-known speaker, author and patient safety advocate, Rosemary Gibson, MSc, Senior Advisor of The Hastings Center and Perspectives Editor of the JAMA Internal Medicine, addressed more than 1,200 medical imaging professionals, encouraging that they take a step back from day-to-day practice to reflect on the impact they have on overall patient safety. Read press release»

IAC Attends 2016 MSI Conference

MAY 2016 | Cindy Weiland, RVT, RRT, IAC Chief Compliance Officer represented IAC at the 2016 Consensus Conference on Work-Related Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSI) held May 2-3 in Dallas, Texas. The conference, hosted by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, brought together industry stakeholders to discuss ways to prevent MSI in those who use ultrasound imaging devices.

2016 MSI Conf

The conference attendees examined the prevalence of MSI within sonography, updated the industry standards created in 2003, and began developing a toolkit for sonographers and employers to use in the prevention of MSI.

By the end of the summer 2016, a draft of the updated industry standards will be distributed to the Consensus Conference participants for comments and edits. Once finalized, the updated standards will be distributed to industry organizations and manufacturers, who will have the opportunity to endorse or support the revised standards.

IAC Releases Year In Review 2015-2016

MARCH 2016 | We are pleased to put forth the IAC Year in Review, the first publication of its scope to be issued by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) during our 25-year history. Year In Review

Through the pages of this publication, we invite you to explore IAC's recent accomplishments as well as future projects as we continue IAC's mission of Improving health care through accreditation®. You will also find details of our CEO transition which became effective February 29, 2016.

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IAC is fortunate to have a broad range of stakeholders working together in the accreditation process, who have each played a role in the IAC's evolution in becoming a national leader in accreditation and improving the quality of health care. Our stakeholders include the applicant facilities, sponsoring organizations, and related industry partners and organizations. 

We greatly value the work that we accomplish together and look forward to our ongoing collaboration in the future. You are encouraged to contact our office with any questions or comments about this publication.  

IAC Announces New Chief Executive Officer

FEBRUARY 29, 2016 | The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) announces that their Board of Directors has appointed Mary Lally, MS, CAE, as Chief Executive Officer. Mary LallyAs CEO, Ms. Lally succeeds Sandra Katanick, retiring as IAC’s founding CEO since 1991.

“We are pleased to announce this appointment,” said Raymond Stainback, MD, FACC, FASE. IAC Chairperson. “Mary will bring leadership and clinical expertise to this important role. Having served the IAC for more than eight years, she has demonstrated her skills through programmatic and leadership development. She brings a wealth of perspective and experience.”

Bringing to the position a unique combined background of clinical expertise and association management experience, Ms. Lally possesses both a Master’s degree in Radiation Health Physics as well as the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential.

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