Reimbursement & the Vein Center: An Overview

The IAC receives numerous phone calls and e-mails each week from individuals who are concerned with their compliance to insurance carriers’ payment policies.

A listing of payment policies of which the IAC is currently aware can be found on this website under Payment Policies.


Attempt to stay abreast of payment policies as a service to the vein center community.

Communicate information to facilities about payment policies (through the IAC website, articles and other mailings to facilities).

Employ knowledgeable staff to assist facilities with basic questions about payment policies.

Provide, upon request, the same information to insurance carriers as we publish in the accredited facility listing on the website.


Establish rules or regulations for the insurance carriers.

Have the authority to make decisions regarding implementation dates, extensions, etc.

Have responsibility for notifying providers of venous evaluation and management services of payment policies.

Enter or modify information entered under the reimbursement section of the Online Accreditation portal.

Further questions about IAC accreditation as related to reimbursement may be directed to the IAC via e-mail.