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IAC introduces the Quality Improvement (QI) Self-Assessment Tool, the latest development for optimizing quality in your facility. Created to help your facility employ and document continuous process improvement, this free tool provides a mechanism for facilities to meet the quality measures required by the IAC Standards. Use of the IAC QI tool:

  • Allows facilities to self-assess their own imaging studies and reports;
  • Provides a data-driven, objective measure of QI progress for use in complying with the IAC Standards and Guidelines for Accreditation and fulfilling a variety of facility quality initiatives;
  • Gives facilities the ability over time to benchmark their findings both internally and with the imaging community as a whole;
  • Creates a quantitative report that targets opportunities for improvements,
    leading to enhanced patient care.

WATCH » Visit IAC YouTube to view our complimentary tutorial webcast of the IAC QI Self-Assessment Tool.

This innovative feature of the IAC Online Accreditation application is not required to be used by facilities at this time.

However, the QI Self-Assessment process will closely resemble future required audits and therefore, participating facilities are encouraged to become familiar with the system at this stage through voluntary use.

Getting Started:

To access the new IAC QI Tool:

  1. Login to your Online Accreditation account
  2. Click on the Quality Improvement tab from the top menu to launch the Quality Improvement (QI) Self-Assessment Tool

Don't have an IAC Online Accreditation account? Facilities that have never applied for accreditation in one of the IAC divisions and have never accessed an existing Online Accreditation account may create a new account. Create a new account»

If you have questions regarding the presence of an existing account please contact the staff at 800-838-2110 or by e-mail