IAC QuickFill Reaccreditation

Applying for reaccreditation with IAC is now easier than ever! Simply log in to your facility’s IAC Online Accreditation account (iaconlineaccreditation.org) to begin the reaccreditation questionnaire, pre-populated with data from your most recent application.

The QuickFill reaccreditation process populates your reaccreditation application with responses and attachments from previous application submission(s), resulting in a "head start" in the reaccreditation process. After initiating QuickFill, replace documents, attachments or responses that have changed over the previous accreditation cycle, complete any new application questions and enter case study information.

  • Only update any information that has changed since your most recent submission
  • Provide minimal, new documentation (e.g., procedure volumes, representative studies and corresponding final reports, etc.)
  • You are now ready to submit

Through the new QuickFill feature, IAC saves your facility time and effort while continuing to provide the most comprehensive case review in the imaging accreditation industry.

Don't have an IAC Online Accreditation account? Facilities that have never applied for accreditation in one of the IAC divisions and have never accessed an existing Online Accreditation account may create a new account. Create a new account»

If you have questions regarding the presence of an existing account please contact the staff at 800-838-2110 or by e-mail