Changing A Dental/Radiology Group

If during the three-year accreditation cycle, the entire dental/radiology group (inclusive of the Dental/Medical Director) performing interpretations for a practice is replaced by a new group, information must be submitted for the newly added dentists/physicians. Dentists/physicians that were not included in the application submission are not considered part of the accredited practice until experience and training information along with sample case study interpretations have undergone an IAC peer review. Accreditation is granted only for the practice and the dentists/physicians that have been reviewed by the IAC.

It is important to note that any changes in the dental/radiology group during this three-year cycle will expire on the original expiration date located on the accreditation certificates. For example, if the original application was accredited January 15, 2019, it will expire on January 31, 2022, regardless of the date of the additionally submitted material. If an accredited practice wishes to replace the dental/radiology group in their current accreditation, the replacement dental/radiology group items must be completed and submitted, as listed below. As well, the practice will be required to pay the fees associated with replacing a dental/radiology group.

The IAC requires that practices complete and submit the following items when changing a dental/radiology group:


  • Enter the information for the new interpreting dental/physician(s) as a Dental/Medical Director or Medical Staff member(s) in the Manage Staff section of the application including the specific training and experience pathway for each dentist/physician.
    • Refer to the IAC Standards & Guidelines for Dental CT Accreditation, Section 1.1.1A (Dental/Medical Director) and 1.2.1A (Dental/Medical Staff) for guidance.
  • Mark the Dental/Medical Director and Dental/Medical Staff member(s) who are no longer performing interpretations at this practice as “deactivated.”

SUBMIT ALL THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION (via a trackable carrier such as UPS or FedEx) as details in the Dental CT - Dental/Radiology Group Replacement Form.

Contact the staff for further assistance with changing a radiology group.