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Our Staff

Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to answer your accreditation questions.


Nancy Merrill, BS, RT (R)(M)(CT)
Dental CT - Director of Accreditation
ext. 243 | e-mail


Corey Mabry, RT(R)(MR)
Dental CT - Director of Accreditation
ext. 290 | e-mail

General Questions About Accreditation

Dental CT Accreditation Questions | e-mail

Cindy Shavatt, Director of Compliance / Director of Accreditation Processes
ext. 248 | e-mail

Online Application Assistance | e-mail

Office Operations / Administration

Erin Riggleman, Administrative Coordinator
(Agreement, Changes in Ownership/Operations)
ext. 245 | e-mail


Practices with questions about the random audit and site visit process may contact the IAC office by telephone 800-838-2110 or e-mail.

Marketing / Communications

Tammie Sloper, CMP, Director of Marketing/Communications
(media requests, mailing lists, and reimbursement)
ext. 264 | e-mail

Julie Kincaid, Communications Manager
(website, social media, advertising)

ext. 326 | e-mail

Kellie Bair, Creative Design Manager
(webinars/CE credit, printed and promotional materials)
ext. 266 | e-mail

General Marketing Questions | e-mail

Webinars (upcoming webinars, registration, CE credit) | e-mail

Reimbursement (payment policies) | e-mail

Report a Complaint Against an IAC-Accredited practice

The IAC investigates complaints that identify specific noncompliance to the IAC Division Standards and/or the IAC Accreditation Program Policies and Procedures. File a complaint»

Report a Complaint Against the IAC

The IAC strives to provide the best possible service in all aspects of customer service and its accreditation process. If your experience has not met your expectations, the IAC internally investigates complaints and when applicable, will take the appropriate actions to rectify the issue or to prevent future occurrences. File a complaint»