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IAC Releases Updates to Adult Echocardiography Standards & Guidelines
New Standards Effective November 15, 2021

MAY 2021 | As an accreditation organization, IAC Echocardiography is committed to maintaining a program that balances the changing needs of both the echocardiography community and the general public by influencing the quality of patient care provided. The IAC Standards and Guidelines for Echocardiography Accreditation are the most important component of that commitment. Composed by physicians and sonographers from the IAC sponsoring organizations, the Standards are reviewed periodically by the Board of Directors and revised as needed.

As a component of the accreditation process, the IAC Echocardiography Board of Directors preliminarily approved the proposed Standards which were recently posted to the IAC website for a 60-day public comment period.

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Statement Regarding the 2021 Revisions:

The IAC Echocardiography Board of Directors would like to thank the echocardiography community for taking the time to review the recently proposed revisions to the IAC Standards & Guidelines for Adult Echocardiography. Following IAC’s tradition of transparency and openness to community feedback, the IAC carefully and thoughtfully considered all comments submitted during the comment period that ran from February 15-April 15, 2021.

Based on the comments received, the IAC made the following adjustments to the proposed revisions:

  • One hour of work-related musculoskeletal disorder (WRMSD) training is a recommendation for all staff, not a requirement.
    (Refer to Section 1A: Personnel and Supervision Guidelines)
  • The Standards related to room space are recommendations, not requirements.
    (Refer to Section 2A: Facility Guidelines)
  • When available and relevant, it is recommended that comparison with a prior echocardiographic study and/or report should be done and noted in the final report; however, this is not required.
    (Refer to Section 3A: Examination Reports and Records Guidelines)
  • The Standard for multiple site annual Quality Improvement (QI) evaluation was revised for clarification. IAC staff will provide guidance.
    (Refer to Applicable Standard 6.1.5A)
  • The requirements for TTE scheduling will remain unchanged from the previously published Standards.
    (Refer to Applicable Standard 1.4.3B)
  • Injection of agitated saline is only a required TEE component for indication of cardiac source of embolism when no obvious intracardiac shunt is identified with color Doppler.
    (Refer to Applicable Standard
  • Language regarding ultrasound enhancing agents was revised to align with the recent ASE Expert Consensus Statement.
    (Refer to Applicable Standard

All accepted revisions are shown in the published version of the 2021 Standards & Guidelines for Adult Echocardiography Accreditation in highlighting.

Proposed Changes to IAC Adult Echocardiography Standards Available for Public Comment Through April 15, 2021 - COMMENT PERIOD NOW CLOSED

FEBRUARY 15, 2021 | In keeping with the IAC's continued commitment to streamlining and simplifying the accreditation process, we are pleased to announce that the public has the opportunity to comment on proposed changes to the IAC Standards & Guidelines for Adult Echocardiography Accreditation.

The Standards are reviewed periodically by the IAC Echocardiography Board of Directors and revised as needed. As a component to the accreditation process, proposed Standards that have been approved by the Board of Directors are then posted to the IAC website for a 60-day public comment period. These proposed Standards include changes to the current Standards and/or the addition of new Standards.

To Submit a Comment on Proposed Standards:

  1. Visit the IAC comment period website at www.intersocietal.org/iac/comment _period.htm;
  2. Select the proposed Adult Echocardiography Standard you wish to comment on;
  3. A window will expand with the description of the existing Standard and the proposed change on the left;
  4. Click on the link to open a PDF containing the existing Standard language or the proposed revisions to the existing Standards proposed changes are shown in the PDF as highlighting);
  5. On the right, fill in your name and comment in the boxes provided;
  6. Hit Submit.

At the close of the comment period, the IAC Echocardiography Board of Directors will review all submitted comments, consider modifications as needed and vote for final approval of the Standards. The approved Standards will be posted to the IAC Echocardiography website and available for download at www.intersocietal.org/echo/seeking/echo_standards.htm.

IAC Echocardiography Celebrates Retirement of Director and Introduces New Leader
IAC Wishes a Fond Farewell to Beverly Gorman, RDCS

Following many years of dedication to the IAC and the field of echocardiography, Beverly Gorman, RDCS, retired in late August 2020. Ms. Gorman’s tenure with the IAC began in 2006 when she was named Technical Manager of IAC Echocardiography (formerly ICAEL), later becoming the Director of Accreditation in 2011. Beginning her career as a cardiac sonographer in 1981, she brought her extensive clinical expertise in both adult and pediatric echocardiography and a strong passion for quality patient care to her role as she led IAC’s echocardiography accreditation program for well over a decade.

Throughout her time with the IAC, Ms. Gorman interacted with thousands of echocardiography professionals through lectures, workshops and webinars. She enjoyed establishing relationships with staff within echo facilities as she engaged and provided support to them, thus improving the quality of care provided to the patients they serve.

“Bev’s dedication, commitment and passion are key components that have enabled IAC Echocardiography to be successful in meeting its mission of improving health care through accreditation. We are so appreciative of her efforts for so many years and the mentorship she has provided to help Katherine Gibson transition into her role as director,” said, Mary Lally, MS, CAE, IAC CEO.

Announcing IAC Echocardiography’s New Director of Accreditation, Katherine Gibson, RDCS

IAC is pleased to introduce Katherine Gibson, RDCS, as the new IAC Echocardiography Director of Accreditation. Ms. Gibson joined the IAC staff in 2019, embracing the opportunity to fully transition into the role prior to Ms. Gorman’s retirement.

She possesses many years of echocardiography experience, clinically and in academic instruction, both in patient care and industry roles. Ms. Gibson is particularly passionate about congenital heart disease which lead her to initially pursue a career in pediatric and fetal echocardiography.

Ms. Gibson said, “It is truly an honor to serve the echo community in this role. I’m extremely fortunate to have been mentored by Bev Gorman throughout this past year, and I have inherited the ‘dream team’. Everyone from the staff at the IAC to the Board of Directors have embraced this transition and have been exceedingly supportive. I look forward to the continual collaboration with our sponsors as we strive to elevate the quality of patient care through echocardiography accreditation.”

Connect with Katherine Gibson, RDCS via e-mail at kgibson@intersocietal.org.  

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