About the Process

The IAC Online Accreditation application process is similar for both first-time applicants and those applying for reaccreditation. All applicant facilities utilize the Online Accreditation application to prepare and submit their applications to the IAC. This application format serves as a repository for accreditation data, allowing facility personnel to access previously submitted information and make updates at any time during the three-year cycle once accreditation has been granted. Learn more about the features of online accreditation»

Facilities Applying for Reaccreditation

The IAC QuickFill Reaccreditation feature retains previous application data (answers and attachments) and copies the information into your reaccreditation application, making reaccreditation easier than ever. QuickFill Reaccreditation saves valuable time and effort, while allowing participating facilities to continue to experience the most comprehensive case review in the imaging accreditation industry – a valuable evaluation of each facility’s normal and abnormal cases, along with the corresponding final reports.

IAC Echocardiography accreditation is granted for a three-year period from the original date of decision*. The expiration date can be verified by referencing the printed certificates or accreditation letter received by the facility, by viewing the listing of accredited facilities published on the IAC website or by contacting the staff.

*Facilities originally delayed accreditation experience a shorter than three-year accreditation period, dependent upon the amount of time expended to submit additionally required material for review and subsequently earn accreditation.