Case Studies Submission

Case study submissions are required in order to assess the interpretative and technical quality of the facility. All details of the cardiac anatomy should be visualized adequately. It is understood that technical limitations will occasionally limit the sonographer's ability to adequately define cardiac structures and visualize the myocardium when performing transthoracic echocardiograms; however, the representative transthoracic cases submitted for review should demonstrate all appropriate views of the facility's protocol and be of above-average examination quality. All cases must be complete examinations; limited exams are not acceptable.

Case Study Requirements for Echocardiography

How to Submit Case Studies

  • Submit one copy of all case studies/case study materials to the IAC office once the pre-submission case check process has been finalized.
  • Submit as many cases as possible on a single CD or DVD, labeled with the type of case and the first three letters of the patient's last name followed by the first three letters of the patient's first name as in the following example: A patient named John Smith would be entered as Smi, Joh of the patient's last name. TEE cases must be on separate CD/DVD/thumb drives than TTE/stress cases.
  • All disks MUST include a reader/viewer that allows the disk to be opened and read on any PC (DICOM format cannot necessarily be opened on any PC).

HIPAA Concerns?

All materials submitted to the IAC are handled with strict confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Read more in the Agreement section of the IAC website»