Pre-Submission Case Study Requirements Check

The pre-submission case study requirements check is initiated by the facility after the application questionnaire is completed but prior to the final application submission. The check MUST be initiated about two weeks prior to the expected final submission.*

*For reaccreditation applicants, the final submission (done after pre-submission case study requirements check) should occur at least three months before the expiration of the previous application to avoid a lapse in accreditation.

Once the check is initiated, changes to the application are not permitted unless the IAC staff identifies errors in the case study selection.

How it Works:

  • Facilities complete the application questionnaire and enter the case study information in its entirety.
  • Facilities then initiate the pre-submission case check which allows IAC staff to check the application to ensure proper case study, document and staff representation. The check is performed by IAC staff within two business days, in an effort to provide a more efficient application submission and review process for the applicant facility.
  • If an error in the case log is identified, facilities receive an e-mail from the IAC to update their case studies, as requested.
  • Once updates to the cases have been made, an additional check will occur until all errors are resolved.
  • Facilities are then notified to upload corresponding materials (case study images), send Agreement (if modified), and to submit their final application.