Getting Started: Echocardiography Accreditation

The IAC is committed to helping your facility understand the accreditation process.

Accreditation Checklist

To review a complete checklist of what’s required to submit the IAC application (CME, protocols, cases, etc.), download the IAC Echocardiography Accreditation Checklist.

Accreditation Process

Designed to serve facilities as an educational tool, IAC Echocardiography accreditation is made up of two crucial steps:

  • Review of the Standards: First, facilities conduct a self-evaluation by reviewing the IAC StandardsStandards are the minimum requirements to which an accredited facility is held accountable. Download the Standards»
  • Completion of the Online Application: Second, facilities utilize IAC Online Accreditation to complete and submit their application. Completion of the application requires detailed information on all aspects of facility operation as well as the submission of actual case studies for review. To apply for IAC accreditation, applicant facilities need to access their existing or create a new IAC Online Accreditation account.

Accreditation Fees

The application fee covers each three-year accreditation cycle and is to be paid when the facility submits their finalized application to the IAC. View complete IAC fee structure»

IAC Policies & Procedures

Facilities are encouraged to review the current IAC Accreditation Program Policies & Procedures prior to beginning the accreditation process. This is an extensive document that details the IAC application submission, review and decision process in its entirety.

Additional resources are provided throughout this section to assist your facility in achieving IAC accreditation.

The IAC is here to help. Fully staffed with clinical and administrative personnel, the IAC staff is trained to guide you through the application process.