Iowa Heart

Hear what your colleagues are saying about IAC accreditation. Below are some IAC accredited facilities' thoughts on the value of IAC Cardiac Electrophysiology accreditation, their experiences with preparing their applications, using the resources offered, interacting with IAC staff and much more.

Iowa Heart Center


“The most valuable aspect was the group effort to organize the way we report our procedures and set up the three electrophysiology labs within our practice of currently seven electrophysiologists. Prior to the accreditation process, we all dictated or formulated notes in EMR which varied widely from physician to physician. With the goal of reviewing each other's cases and providing feedback we really raised the bar for the standard note and procedure. The process also allowed us to engage EP and cath lab staff in organization of equipment and data from case to case. Our entire process in the EP labs has become more streamlined.”

“The [IAC] Standards help to set the bar for expectations in patient care, recording and data reporting. Within our practice, each electrophysiologist has different styles of ablation and reporting. We struggled in the past to format the set up for cases and reporting which would allow ease in reviewing each other’s patients post-procedure or in clinical follow-up. With the standards set, we have been able to strive for a more uniform and comprehensive manner in which to set up cases and generate comprehensive case reports."

“Receiving an accreditation raises the bar for all else you do. Administration, staff and physicians all hold their head a little higher. A greater team spirit has arisen as we have all gone through this process together. When entering the electrophysiology lab for a procedure, I can assure the patient that they are entering a place where focus, organization, high standards and great outcome are of supreme importance.”

“After fully preparing, applying and passing the accreditation process, I feel that Iowa Heart Center West University now stands out to our patients, referring physicians and insurers as a practice who holds high standards as a priority for all we do. After going through the process, I realize how many areas we could improve upon. With such improvement we are offering our patients even better care.”

Mercy Medical Center & Mercy West Lakes

Angela Oakie, MHA, BSN, RN is Director Cardiac Catheterization/Electrophysiology Lab/Recovery Room at Mercy Medical Center and Mercy West Lakes

“Operationally, the process of assessing our own work first and preparing our application for accreditation caused us to be more mindful of our current practice and what it needs to look like; organization was a big part of that.”

“In preparing our application, we made it a team effort and involved all of our staff, from the medical director to the nurse manager to the technical manager. Each individual was asked to assist with the verbiage of what they actually do to prepare for a case, support a case and complete a case. Accreditation reinforced the importance of needing an established structure in our facility, specifically defining who is accountable for what. By ensuring our adherence to the standards and documenting our processes in the application, we found that it caused us to bring multiple departments and staff together for one common goal; that of providing quality patient care.”

“The feedback we received from the application review findings document is the most valuable aspect of our cardiac electrophysiology department’s participation in the accreditation process. It validated that we are practicing the best technique for the best patient outcomes, delivering the highest quality of care.”

“Everyone in our department was excited upon learning the news that we had been granted IAC Cardiac Electrophysiology accreditation! We are finding that through word of mouth, our new accreditation status is an added benefit for our patients, particularly those not from the area. We believe that our accreditation status helps to ensure patients that they are receiving the standard of care, as evidenced by our desire to voluntarily pursue the accreditation and by IAC’s thorough review and validation of our operations.”