Accreditation Decisions

Because the accreditation process strives to recognize substantial compliance with the Standards, when determining the facility’s accreditation status, the IAC will give due consideration to the facility’s plans and progress toward achieving compliance. These plans may impact the accreditation decision. Following is a list of the accreditation decisions:

Full Grant

Accreditation is granted for three years based on substantial compliance with all of the required standards.

Limited Grant

Accreditation is granted for a limited period (12 months) for those facilities that are not in substantial compliance with all Standards. The facility is given added time to demonstrate compliance through submission of additional data and/or documentation of improvement. If compliance is demonstrated the facility will be granted full accreditation for the remainder of the three-year cycle. If compliance cannot be demonstrated within the specified time frame, the accreditation decision will be delayed.

Upon receiving a limited grant notification, the facility will:

  • Have up to 12 months to provide the additionally requested documentation demonstrating adherence to the Standards as outlined in the accreditation notification letter.
  • Have a maximum of three additional material submissions to demonstrate compliance; if continued non-compliance is documented after review of the three resubmissions, the application will be delayed.


A facility whose accreditation is delayed will receive a notification letter outlining the deficiencies identified during the application review and/or site visit/audit and the additional information requested by the Board needed to grant accreditation.

Upon receiving a delayed accreditation decision, the facility will:

  • have one year to provide the additionally requested documentation demonstrating adherence to the Standards as outlined in the accreditation notification letter;
  • be assessed a review fee (as listed in the Accreditation Agreement) for each submission of additional material;
  • have a maximum of three delay material submissions to demonstrate compliance.

The additional material is reviewed within four weeks after receipt by the IAC. Facilities are then notified of the findings of the delay material review.

  • If continued noncompliance is documented after review of the three submissions, the application will be denied and the facility will be required to resubmit a complete accreditation application and application fees.
  • If granted accreditation, the accreditation portfolio is sent.
  • Facilities can be granted accreditation in some testing areas while delayed in others. A detailed notification letter will include certificate(s) for those areas granted accreditation and details regarding the delay of any other section(s).

Site Visit

The IAC Cardiac Electrophysiology division will conduct an on-site visit as part of the application review process. For information on the required site visit, please visit