IAC Agreement

Applications submitted to the IAC must be accompanied by a completed IAC Accreditation Agreement (current published version) in order to receive an accreditation decision. Use the link below to download the IAC Accreditation Agreement:

« Download IAC Accreditation Agreement »

Completing the Agreement (with modifications)

The following items should be given particular attention when completing the document:

  • The current Agreement document must be submitted.
  • Be certain to answer all questions.
  • The Agreement must be appropriately signed by a person authorized to enter into the Agreement on behalf of the facility.
  • There is no need to have the signatures notarized.
  • If applying for accreditation with more than one of the IAC divisions (i.e., IAC Vascular Testing, IAC Echocardiography), an Agreement for each type of accreditation must be completed.
  • Any changes to the Agreement must be pre-approved by the IAC and will incur a $200.00 fee. See Facilities With Changes In Agreement, Ownership or Operations for complete details.

To avoid any unnecessary delay in notification of, or a lapse in, your accreditation status, please take care to review each page of the Agreement before submitting it and the appropriate application fees. The modified agreement (with track changes on) may be uploaded to the online application, or e-mailed to the IAC legal department.

Completing the Agreement (with no modifications)

If the facility is not making modifications to the Accreditation Agreement; the facility can electronically complete and sign the unmodified Agreement at the end of the online application. Read and follow all prompts in the ‘Accreditation Agreement’ portion of the online application when utilizing this option.

Making Changes to the Agreement

A facility experiencing a change of namechange of ownership, or change in operations, or those requiring changes of any kind to their IAC Agreement must notify the IAC. For information and complete instructions, see Facilities With Changes In Agreement, Ownership or Operations.

HIPAA Compliance and the Agreement

To ensure compliance with the regulations set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Accreditation Agreement includes a Business Associate Agreement (BA) defining the IAC as a "business associate" and defining its duties and obligations as such.

For facilities using any Business Associate Agreement other than the IAC Business Associate Agreement, the Addendum to Business Associate Agreement must be completed. Click on the link below to download the Addendum to Business Associate Agreement.

« Download Addendum to Business Associate Agreement »