Changes Within the Facility

Facilities Experiencing Change in Name, Change in Ownership or Change in Operations

An IAC accredited facility experiencing a change of name, change of ownership, or change in operations, or those requiring changes of any kind to their IAC Agreement must notify the IAC. The Affidavit Approving Change of Ownership/Operations if available for download below.

To allow accreditation of a facility to transfer more smoothly from one owner to another while ensuring compliance with the relevant accreditation Standards, and/or document any major changes regarding facility operations, the IAC has provided answers to your questions below.

Affidavit Download and Instructions

For details on how to fill out the affidavit below, see Affidavit Instructions.

« Download Affidavit Approving Change of Ownership/Operations »

All questions regarding agreement or ownership changes should be directed to the IAC legal department

FAQ and Download: Change in Name or Change in Ownership

Do I need to use a form provided by the IAC, or may I use my own? 
As long as all of the required information is included, you may use your own form to notify the IAC of changes.

What is required for a facility to transfer ownership of accreditation?
A notice form must be sent to the IAC with the review fee (currently $200). An opinion letter from legal counsel confirming authority to execute the affidavit must be included. The IAC will then review the form and determine whether the facility must apply for accreditation as a new facility, or if the facility’s existing accreditation remains valid. Accreditation cannot be transferred without the IAC’s written approval.

Who owns the accreditation?
The entity named in the Accreditation Agreement maintains ownership of accreditation until the affidavit form is approved by the IAC.

Who can sign the notice regarding transfer of ownership?
Anyone with authority to sign legal documents on the facility’s behalf may sign the documents. It is strongly recommended that this person be from the original owner of the accreditation.

Why must I attest to the standards of the new owner?
In order for a facility to transfer accreditation to another owner, it must ensure that the entity receiving the transferred accreditation had both a Medical Director and a Technical Director and that it complied with all IAC Standards at the time of the transfer. If the facility is uncertain as to whether or not the new owner meets these requirements, it cannot transfer its accreditation.

If my facility is just changing its name does it need to submit one of these forms?
Yes, a facility needs to submit a notice when a name change occurs, even if the facility is not changing ownership.

What if my facility adds another site during the accreditation process? 
Any time an accredited facility adds a site it must submit a notice and the additional fee. The IAC will then review the affidavit. If there is a significant change in the facility’s operations, the IAC may require the facility to submit additional evidence of compliance with IAC’s Standards, policies and procedures. 

Please note: The additional fee to add another site varies by division, please visit the multiple site section of the division websites to learn more about the fees:

FAQ and Download: Change in Operations

What if my facility has had no change in ownership, but is making a major change to its operations (i.e., corporate name, Medical or Technical Director, site (fixed and/or mobile location)? 

Corporate name change and/or change in site location 
The facility needs to submit the second sample form below, Affidavit Approving Change In Ownership / Operations, or other formal legal documentation, to document these changes in operations. This form is only provided as a sample; a different form would be accepted by IAC as long as all of the necessary representations are included from the sample form provided.

Change in Medical or Technical Director
The new Medical or Technical Director must meet the IAC Standards and Guidelines for Accreditation. Access the Online Accreditation account (, go to the Manage Staff tab to proceed with the change. If the current Medical or Technical Director was not included in the original application, the new staff member must be added to the account on the Manage Staff list. If the current Medical or Technical Director was previously included in the original application, on the Manage Staff page select the edit link adjacent to the staff members name to update the account and their role.

« Download Affidavit Approving Change of Ownership/Operations »

All questions regarding agreement or ownership changes should be directed to the IAC legal department.