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Webcasts On Demand (for CE Credit)

The following webcast offers general content about the IAC accreditation process. The recording was created from a live broadcast and includes a helpful question and answer session. As CE credit is offered, accessing the content through the IAC Webinar Portal is required. For instructions, click here.

  • IAC MRI: Accreditation Simplified
    1 ASRT CE Credit | Original Broadcast, April 2021

  • 2021: The Year of MRI Safety
    Presenter: Tobias B. Gilk, MRSO, MRSE
    0.5 ASRT CE Credit
    Presented by Tobias Gilk, MRSO, MRSE, this webcast is designed to discuss the universal risks with MRIs; how the tragic 2001 accident resulting in a boy’s death refocused industry attention on MRI safety; what has changed in MRI safety in the past 20 years; and where we go from here. Watch»

Special Topic On Demand Webcasts (No CE Credit)

Open access to the following webcasts is provided via IAC YouTube, therefore, no CE credit is available for viewing. Simply click on the ‘Watch’ link below to access the content, entry through the IAC Webinar Portal is not required.

  • IAC MRI Accreditation: Common Oversights and How to Avoid Them (April 2021) 
    This brief webcast will cover the following topics: the three most common categories of oversights encountered during the accreditation process, how to avoid them and guidance for identifying and submitting your facility’s best work. Watch»
  • IAC MRI Preventative Maintenance / Annual QC Assessments (February 2021) 
    Presented by David W. Jordan, PhD, DABR, FAAPM, this webcast is designed to cover the following topics: the benefits of quality control (QC) assessments; which assessments are required; how often they need to be performed; and how to document the assessments. Watch»
  • Uploading Cases to Your IAC Application: A How-To Guide (November 2020)
    Presented by Maria Costello, MBA, CNMT, NCT, Lead Clinical Director/Director of Accreditation-Nuclear/PET and Cindy Shavatt, CCEP, Director of Compliance /Director of Accreditation Processes, this webinar provides instruction on the process of uploading case study images (the required method of case submission effective 1/1/2021). This webinar is designed to: define the steps to uploading case study images, discuss the benefits of uploading case study images, and identify and explain common obstacles that may occur while uploading case study images. Watch»

Patient Safety:

  • Building a Culture of Quality: The Imaging Professional’s Role in Ensuring Patient Safety
    Presented by Rosemary Gibson, MSc, this webcast is designed to show participants how to recognize how every aspect of the health care provider's patient interaction impacts patient safety, from quality imaging to accurate reporting and beyond; discuss the patient perspective and use of the IAC process as a foundation to build a culture that naturally emphasizes continuous improvement. Watch»

Quality Improvement:

  • Understanding MRI Equipment Quality Control (October 2017)
    Presented by David Jordan, PhD, Senior Medical Physicist at the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, this webcast covers the performance of equipment Quality Control testing, the production of the equipment Quality Control phantom images, and how to improve equipment Quality Control testing at the facility. Watch»
  • Quality Improvement: An Introduction to the IAC QI Tool
    A tutorial webcast of the new IAC QI Self-Assessment Tool. Presented by Craig Fleishman, MD, FACC, FASE, IAC Echocardiography Board member and Jeremy Kempner, IAC Project Coordinator and Information Security Analyst. Watch»

Other Topics:

  • NEW! Evaluation and Transcatheter Treatment of Pulmonary Regurgitation (June 2021)
    Presented by Aimee Armstrong, MD, Anna Kamp, MD, MPH, Bernadette Richards, FASE, RDCS (PE)(FE)(AE), and Corey Stiver, MD, the webinar was designed to teach participants to: name the most common congenital heart diseases and surgeries that lead to pulmonary regurgitation; describe the echocardiographic determinants of moderate and severe pulmonary regurgitation; outline the MRI indications for pulmonary valve replacement; describe the CT evaluation for a self-expanding transcatheter pulmonary valve; and name the transcatheter pulmonary valve options to treat pulmonary regurgitation. Watch»
  • Assessing the Mechanism of MR by Echocardiography (April 2018)
    Presented by Paul Grayburn, MD, FACC, this webcast is is designed to teach participants to: understand and recognize the differences between primary and secondary mitral regurgitation (MR); understand and identify Carpentier classification of leaflet motion; and learn how the mechanism of MR predicts appropriate treatment strategies. Watch»
  • The Beat Goes On: Advanced Diagnostic Cardiac Imaging for CT and MRI
    (November 2016)
    Presented by Lawrence Boxt, MD, FACC, FSCCT and Subha Raman, MD, this webcast covers cardiac CT and MRI imaging in the presence of various types of pathology. Participants will learn about the performance of cardiac CT and MRI examinations, the production of the images, reconstructions and the examination findings. Watch»
  • IAC & ASRT Present: Positioning and Protocol Optimization: Musculoskeletal and Neurological MRI (February 2016)
    Presented by Steven Needell, MD and Caryn J. Nolen, RT(MRI)(R)(M), at the completion of this webcast, participants should be able to: understand the best slice positioning to demonstrate the anatomy of interest in common Musculoskeletal and Neurological MRI examinations; understand the optimal sequences to be included in the imaging protocols for the clinical indication leading to the performance of the examination; understand the importance of tailoring the imaging protocols for each patient and body habitus. Watch»
  • IAC & Metrasens Present: MRI Bioeffects, Safety and Patient Management
    (June 2015)
    Presented by Frank G. Shellock, PhD, FISMRM, FACC, FACSM, Adjunct Clinical Professor of Radiology and Medicine, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, this webcasts is designed to: review the basic knowledge pertaiing to the bioeffects and safety of MRI; describe techniques to ensure the safe management of patients in the MRI environment; present the latest information pertaining to MRI procedures, patient management and bioimplants, devices and materials, including information for active, electronic implants. Watch»