IAC Legal

The following documents and information are available to applicable nuclear/PET facilities:

IAC Accreditation Program Policies and Procedures

A published version of the IAC's Accreditation Program Policies and Procedures is available for download as a PDF. Download the Policies and Procedures on the IAC website»

IAC Agreement

Applications submitted to the IAC will not have their decision rendered without submitting a completed IAC Accreditation Agreement (current published version). Read more about the IAC Agreement and HIPAA compliance on the IAC website»

HIPAA Compliance and the IAC Agreement

To ensure compliance with the regulations set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Accreditation Agreement includes a Business Associate Agreement (BA) defining the IAC as a “business associate” and defining its duties and obligations as such. For more on HIPAA compliance or to download the Addendum to Business Associate Agreement, go to the Agreement section of the IAC website»

All Facilities With Agreement, Ownership or Operations Changes

Changes made within an accredited facility will require specific changes to the documentation for the facility, most notably the facility's IAC Accreditation Agreement. To download sample forms or view FAQs, go to the Agreement section of the IAC website»

All questions regarding agreement or ownership changes should be directed to the IAC legal department.

Changes in Medical and/or Technical Staff

Facilities are required to submit information regarding new medical or technical staff members at the time of audit and/or reaccreditation. For detailed instructions on how to make changes, please visit the About Facility Changes section of the website.

IAC Communication Preference Opt-Out Form

To discontinue your facility’s receipt of information from the IAC, download and return the IAC Communication Preference Opt-Out Form.