Multiple Sites - Nuclear/PET

Facilities applying for accreditation with multiple sites may be eligible for a discounted rate and are encouraged to contact the IAC for more information. Facilities already accredited by the IAC may add multiple sites to their current accreditation at any time. Please review instructions and requirements below for how to complete this process.

Multiple site refers to either fixed or mobile testing sites operated by one entity and applying for accreditation under one accreditation agreement and application. The following criteria must be met without exception in order to apply as multiple sites:

  • All sites must have the same Medical Director and Technical Director.
  • All physicians performing and/or interpreting any examinations at any of the sites must be included in the accreditation application.
  • All technologists performing any examinations at any of the sites must be included in the application for accreditation.
  • All physicians and technologists from all sites must participate together in quality assurance and education programs, including in-house conferences.
  • Two additional abnormal cases per site must be submitted for review following same case selection guidelines listed in the application.

$1,325 per site for sites 2-3 
$1,085 per site for sites 4-10 (20% discount)
 per site for each site over 10

Facilities with more than 20 sites, please e-mail Frank Vermeiren for additional information regarding multiple site pricing options.

Select two abnormal, contemporary cases of any imaging area in which the multiple site facility is applying. The two cases are in addition to the requirements for the primary site. Each case must include a sufficient number of images (hard copy and/or digital) to support the final diagnosis, along with a signed copy of the final report. A copy of any worksheets and/or preliminary reports, if generated, should also be submitted. Cases must be selected from within one year prior to the date of submission.

Facilities Seeking First-Time IAC Accreditation with Multiple Sites

Facilities applying for accreditation with multiple sites enter the information for their locations on the Manage Sites tab of their Online Accreditation account ( Before a user may enter additional sites, there is a series of qualifying questions that ensure the eligibility of the facility to apply as a multiple site. The accreditation decision will be rendered to each site individually. All correspondence will go through the address listed on the IAC Accreditation Agreement. If there are any medical or technical staff at the additional site that were not included as part of the original application, the facility’s Online Accreditation account (Manage Staff) must be updated to reflect all current staff members. Sites are not considered accredited until the documents have been reviewed, fees have been submitted and accreditation has been granted.

Adding A Multiple Site to an Existing IAC Accreditation

Accredited facilities wanting to add a multiple site must submit the completed Multiple Site Supplemental Application via traceable mail (i.e., UPS, FedEx) to IAC Nuclear/PET, (6021 University Blvd, Suite 500, Ellicott City, MD, 21043). Upon receipt of all required materials, the accreditation decision will be made at the next monthly IAC Board of Director’s meeting. If the added multiple site is accepted into the facility's accreditation, accreditation for the added multiple site will expire when the facility’s original accreditation expires