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Demystifying Imaging Laboratory Accreditation

FEBRUARY 2014 | It is self-evident that patients expect high quality of the services they receive. For this reason, procedural-based medical (therapeutic) services have long been subject to some form of quality assessment. In the same vein, it is also appropriate
that similar expectations have recently come about for cardiovascular (CV) imaging (diagnostic) services. In this report, we provide the background of CV laboratory accreditation and explore what the future holds in assessing quality in CV imaging.
Source: JACC Cardiovascular Imaging, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2014
Geoffrey A. Rose, MD, Neil J. Weissman, MD

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Imaging Economics - Regulatory Watch
CMS says manufacturer maintenance recommendations continue to rule.

FEBRUARY 2014 | Recently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) considered relaxing its December 2011 directive that specifies the methods and frequency with which hospital equipment must be maintained in order to qualify for reimbursement. While some stakeholders viewed the prospect as a rational adjustment for efficiency, others saw it as an ill-advised compromise of patient safety. Now with its late-breaking December 2013 decision, CMS appears to have struck a middle course: Hospitals may introduce alternative equipment maintenance frequency or methods, but not in the case of imaging equipment. The latter must continue to adhere to manufacturer maintenance recommendations.
Source: Imaging Economics, January/February 2014 Issue
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Survey finds U.S. installed base of gamma cameras is aging

JUNE 2013 | The average age of gamma cameras at nuclear cardiology labs in the U.S. grew by two years between 2009 and 2011, according to a survey from the University of Missouri. Age increased by two full years, from 6.2 years (± 4.1 years) in 2009 to 8.2 years (± 5.1 years) in 2011, the researchers found. They believe that economics is having an increasingly influential role in whether a facility can afford to employ the latest imaging technology.
Source: AuntMinnie.com
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Nuclear medicine facilities adhering to radiation dose standards

JUNE 2013 | Nuclear medicine facilities in the U.S. appear to be getting the message about controlling radiation dose. A new survey of more than 300 SPECT and PET centers found that most are keeping dose levels within generally accepted levels.
Source: AuntMinnie.com
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Understanding Appropriate Use Criteria in Nuclear Medicine

JUNE 2012 | There has been a significant increase in cardiac radionuclide imaging over the past decade, leading to a corresponding increase in scrutiny from Federal and private health plans questioning the necessity of these tests. In response to efforts by third-party payers to limit all types of cardiovascular imaging studies, the American College of Cardiology Foundation, in conjunction with other professional societies, developed appropriate use criteria.
Source: Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology
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