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Published Research Summary: IAC Accreditation and Its Impact on Quality Patient Care


IAC’s research initiative began in 2012 and has resulted in numerous studies exploring whether participation in the accreditation process results in measurable quality improvement. The results are quite compelling; IAC accreditation leads to greater awareness of safety, standardization of processes, adherence to guidelines and most importantly, improved patient care.

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  • CT Radiation Dose Awareness and Reduction
  • Increased Awareness of MRI Safety Practices
  • Reduction in Radiation Dose for Nuclear Cardiology Myocardial Perfusion Imaging While Obtaining Optimal Imaging Results
  • Resolution of Critical Patient Safety Issues in Vein Treatment
  • Increase in Facilities with Error-Free Nuclear Cardiology Reports
  • Improvement in Echocardiography Report Completeness and Image Quality
  • Improvement in Pediatric Echocardiography Study Comprehensiveness and Report Completeness
  • Increased Quality Through Use of Standardized Reporting and Quality Improvement Programs