About the Vascular Testing Certificate Package

Facilities found to be in substantial compliance with the Standards are granted accreditation for a period of three years. Accredited facilities receive a certificate package containing the following tools to assist the facility in promoting the achievement:

  • A notification letter congratulating the facility for demonstrating a commitment to quality patient care.
  • Two copies of the official IAC certificate for each site with each area granted accreditation, bearing the facility's name and the expiration date
  • Accredited facilities can download the IAC Seal of Accreditation for use in final reports and in other marketing pieces from the secure Online Application portal. Instructions for how to download the new seal are included in the certificate package.
  • A press release announcing the facility’s accreditation, along with a media list form to select local recipients of the news. Accredited facilities also now have the capability of downloading their facility’s press release and accompanying media form from the Online Application portal, to announce the facility’s accreditation. Instructions for how to download the press release and media form are included in the certificate package.
  • Two accreditation decals imprinted with the Seal of Accreditation for prominent display within their accredited facility.
  • One complimentary lapel pin that can be worn proudly by a staff member.
  • One complimentary embroidered patch with iron-on backing that can be adhered to a staff members’ lab coat.
  • One sample patient information brochure.

For more information about these materials and how to use them, visit the intersocietal.org/marketing»