Notification of IAC Reaccreditation

One year prior to the recommended submission date, the Medical and Technical Director(s) receive a mailed letter providing notification of the facility’s expiration date along with the suggested submission date, details for accessing the Online Accreditation application and other information related to the reaccreditation process.

Additional communications include a reminder postcard mailed to the Technical Director’s attention six months prior to the recommended submission date. E-mailed notifications including invitations to participate in a free webinar entitled “IAC Vascular Testing: Reaccreditation Simplified” are sent electronically to all associated accredited facilities, at six- and three-month intervals from the recommended submission date.

To ensure that you receive these, as well as other communications from the IAC, it is important to update your online account to notify the IAC of changes to your facility’s telephone number, mailing and e-mail addresses.

When to Prepare to Reapply

IAC accreditation is granted for a three-year period from the original date of decision. Facilities originally delayed accreditation experience a shorter than three-year accreditation period, dependent upon the amount of time expended to submit additionally required material for review and subsequently earn accreditation. The expiration date can be verified by:

To maintain uninterrupted accreditation status, the IAC recommends that accredited facilities submit their applications at least three months prior to the expiration date.* This allows sufficient time for the in-house review conducted by IAC application processors, the independent application peer reviewers, and the performance of a site visit, if applicable. Following these steps, the Board of Directors reviews the findings and renders an accreditation decision.

Avoiding expiration is particularly important for those facilities impacted by reimbursement policies which require facility accreditation. The published listing of accredited facilities, as well as data file transfers sent by IAC are utilized as a reference by multiple insurers to verify accreditation status. If a facility’s accreditation expires, use of the Seal of Accreditation on reports and any other references that refer to the facility as an "Accredited Facility” is strictly prohibited. In addition, data file transfers to insurers do not include details of expired facilities.

**A grace period of 60 days beyond the facility’s expiration date is extended to those facilities that have submitted a completed application for reaccreditation prior to the expiration date of the current accreditation.