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Update On IAC Vascular Testing Carotid Diagnostic Criteria Research Project

FEBRUARY 2018 | In 2014, IAC Vascular Testing published a white paper document regarding carotid diagnostic criteria and its activities in this arena.1 The document discusses the variability in carotid stenosis interpretation across accredited facilities and summarizes data from surveys of IAC-accredited facilities that support efforts toward standardization. The document describes plans to internally validate carotid diagnostic criteria for use in IAC-accredited facilities, including commissioning of a Carotid Research Committee.

As an update, the IAC Vascular Testing Carotid Research Committee met on February 8, 2018 to review progress of its diagnostic criteria project. Eleven clinical sites (listed below) have submitted protocol-directed case study materials. At this time, all case studies (bilateral carotid duplex studies and catheter-based angiograms) have been collected and the technical data has been abstracted from these studies. Ultrasounds have undergone interpretive review and angiograms have been interpreted using NASCET methodology. The study data are currently being analyzed and the committee will meet in summer 2018 to review the results and determine plans for publication and dissemination of the study findings. It is anticipated that study results will be disseminated by the end of 2018.   

The IAC will continue to provide updates regarding this project as it moves ahead and information regarding plans for implementation of the study findings. With regard to which carotid diagnostic criteria to use at the present time, IAC Vascular Testing continues to recommend that in the absence of an internally validated single set of diagnostic criteria, facilities should consider the use of one single set of standardized diagnostic criteria: The Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound (SRU) Criteria for Carotid Stenosis Interpretation.2 Facilities that have internally validated their own criteria may continue to use these criteria.

Participating Sites in the Diagnostic Criteria Research Project:

  • Cleveland Clinic (Heather Gornik, Alia Grattan)
  • Novant Health Heart and Vascular Institute (Kelly Estes)
  • Riverside Radiology (Lucy LaPerna)
  • Tri-Health (Joann Lohr)
  • University at Buffalo (Adnan Siddiqui)
  • University Hospital and Clinics (Michel Comeaux)
  • University of Maryland (Michael Lilly)
  • University of Miami (Tatjana Rundek)
  • University of Pittsburgh (Steven Leers)
  • University of Southern California (Susana Perese Robison)
  • University of Washington (R. Eugene Zierler)

Members of the IAC Vascular Testing Carotid Research Committee: Andrei V. Alexandrov, MD, RVT; James Benenati, MD; Nirvikar Dahiya, MD, FSRU; Hannah Gardener, PhD (Study Statistician); Heather Gornik, MD, RVT, RPVI (Chairperson); Naomi Hamburg, MD, MS, RPVI, FASE; Ann Marie Kupinski, PhD, RVT, RDMS; Steven Leers, MD, RVT; Michael Lilly, MD, RVT, RPVI; Joann Lohr, MD, FACS, RVT; Laurence Needleman, MD; John S. Pellerito, MD, FACR, FSRU, FAIUM; Kenneth Rholl, MD, RVT, FSIR; Tatjana Rundek, MD, PhD; Adnan Siddiqui, MD, PhD, FAHA; Melissa A. Vickery, LPN-B, RVT, FSVU; Marge Hutchisson, BS, RVT, RDCS, RPhS (IAC Vascular Testing Director of Accreditation).


  1. IAC Vascular Testing White Paper on Carotid Stenosis Interpretation Criteria: www.intersocietal.org/vascular/forms/iaccarotidcriteriawhitepaper1-2014.pdf
  2. Grant EG, Benson CB, Moneta GL, Alexandrov AV, Baker JD, Bluth EI, et al. Carotid Artery Stenosis: Gray-Scale and Doppler US Diagnosis – Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound Consensus Conference, Radiology: 2003; 340-346.

IAC Releases Updates to Vascular Testing Standards - New Standards Effective July 15, 2018

JANUARY 15, 2018 | As an accreditation organization, IAC Vascular Testing is committed to maintaining a program that balances the changing needs of both the vascular testing community and the general public by influencing the quality of patient care provided. The IAC Standards and Guidelines for Vascular Testing Accreditation are the most important component of that commitment. Composed by physicians and technologists from the IAC sponsoring organizations, the Standards are reviewed periodically by the Board of Directors and revised as needed.

As a component of the accreditation process, the IAC Vascular Testing Board of Directors preliminarily approved the proposed Standards which were posted to the IAC Vascular Testing website for a 60-day public comment period from October 5 to December 5, 2017. Following careful review and consideration of the comments received, the Board of Directors voted final approval of the Standards.

Access the Standards

View the new Standards on the IAC Vascular Testing website:

Download: The IAC Standards and Guidelines for Vascular Testing Accreditation

Key Revisions to the Standards

Key modifications or additions are shown in the current Standards in highlighting and include:

  • Medical Director Required Training and Experience (Applicable Standard 1.1.1A)
  • Medical Staff Required Training and Experience (Applicable Standard 1.3.1A)
  • Diagnostic Criteria – Extracranial Cerebrovascular (Applicable Standard
  • Diagnostic Criteria – Peripheral Arterial (Applicable Standard
  • Diagnostic Criteria – Visceral Vascular (Applicable Standard
  • Documentation – Extracranial Cerebrovascular (Applicable Standard 1.7B
  • Documentation– Peripheral Arterial (Applicable Standard 3.7B)
  • Techniques – Peripheral Venous (Applicable Standard 4.4B)
  • Documentation – Peripheral Venous (Applicable Standards 4.5B through 4.7B)
  • Documentation– Visceral Vascular (Applicable Standard 5.7B and 5.9B)

Standards that are highlighted are content changes that were made as part of the January 15, 2018 revision. These Standards will become effective on July 15, 2018. Facilities applying for accreditation after July 15, 2018 must comply with these new highlighted Standards.

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